Auction Process

The Consultation

When Allied Auctioneers and Associates is contacted we will set up a free consultation visit with you to determine the best way to proceed with your auction. Our owners will meet with you to discuss every option from having an on-site auction or taking your items to one of our facilities, advertising, available dates, and which items you would like to include in the sale.

The Contract

Once your decision is made that we can satisfy your auction needs a contract is required. The state of Virginia and West Virginia require that all auctioneers and auction companies enter into a contract with all clients in order to protect the consumer of misconduct by an auctioneer or auction company. Our contracts are simple and easy to understand and state exactly what services we are offering to you. At this time there will also be pictures taken of the items for sale and we will start a written list of the items to be sold.


After the contract has been signed, it is now time to market your auction. Allied Auctioneers and Associates takes great pride in our marketing abilities. We are a proud affiliate of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, with this affiliation we can offer the most modern and advanced marketing techniques available. This affiliation also allows us to have superior marketing abilities on real estate, business liquidations, equipment, vehicles, and all types of personal property. We utilize advertising through internet marketing, social media, email blasts, flyers, and traditional newspaper advertising. We work diligently to ensure a great audience of buyers for your real property and your personal property.

Auction Set Up

Now the time is near! Days before the auction our staff will sort and organize your items to create the best display so we can maximize your profit. Approximately two days before the auction we will set up one of our tents to protect your goods and to keep the crowd comfortable on auction day. If the auction is off-site at this time we would begin to transport items to our facilities. The day before the auction will be a busy day for our staff. We will be working to display your items for sale day; we take great pride in our set up techniques which allows for an attractive display of your items and for a planned order of the sale. This day will also be a preview for the buyers to see and inspect your items. Many buyers will leave absentee bids on items if they will be unable to attend the auction. We will have a staff member on-site at all times to assist the buyers/viewers and to protect your items.

Auction Day

It’s finally here! A crowd will begin to gather and will gradually grow until auction time. The auction will begin promptly at the scheduled time. Let the excitement begin. Our exciting and competitive bid calling process will ensure you top dollar for your merchandise. We strive to create a comfortable yet exciting, competitive atmosphere for all that attend. The crowd can enjoy our food services and on-site restrooms so they don’t have to leave. As the day draws to an end, all items have been sold; buyers have paid and are loading their new found treasures, and the auction staff begins to clean the auction location. WHEW! you made it.


After the auction is over all money will be deposited into the auctioneers insured bank account. Once all the money is accounted for we will personally deliver a check and settlement papers including a list of all items and their prices. This allows you to see how the auction process assured top market price for the items sold.

Consumer Tips

  • always make sure the auctioneer/auction company is licensed and bonded by state law
  • ask if the auctioneer is active in their state auctioneer association. Auctioneers who are active tend to be more up-to-date in recent market trends and trade techniques due to their attendance at ongoing educational seminars.
  • Fully understand all details of the contract and settlement before signing.
  • Ask what services are included in the contract (labor, tent rental, advertising, auctioneers fee, etc.). Be specific.
  • Ask questions, it’s imperative that you understand the auction process and are comfortable with your decision.