2021 Rockingham County 4H & FFA Livestock Sale

2021 Rockingham County 4H & FFA Livestock Sale

The Rockingham County 4-H & FFA Livestock Show & Sale takes place each year during the Rockingham County Fair. From this page you can watch the live auction, bid on the kid's animals, and keep up with the sale all evening.

The Rockingham County 4-H & FFA Livestock Show & Sale takes place each year during the Rockingham County Fair. From this site you can watch the live auction, bid on the kid's animals, and keep up with the sale all evening. You can register to bid at any time but the sale order will not be posted until the week of the fair and won't be finalized until the day of the auction.

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4-H & FFA Livestock Sale Procedures for 2021

  1. One contact per bidder registration number or group of multiple buyers will need to be responsible for providing payment for sale purchase. Businesses/individuals will not be billed separately if they are part of a multiple buyer purchase, instead the main contact for the group or the first bidder number documented will be responsible for bill payment.


  1. This is a terminal sale and all animals are intended for slaughter. If buyers take animals home it is at their own risk.


  1. Buyers may pick up their sale bills the night of the sale in person.


  1. The Fair Association is responsible for the collection and distribution of ALL sale monies.


  1. All buyers are asked to pay the Fair Association for purchased livestock the night of the sale. If you cannot pay on the night of the sale, please make arrangements prior to the sale with Mrs. Rebecca Holloway, Fair Association Manager (434-0005). Buyers are NOT to directly pay the youth exhibitors. Credit Card payment is accepted at the Fair Office the night of the sale with an additional processing fee.


  1. All animals purchased will be assumed that it is to go to the FLOOR. If you wish to take the animal home or have sent to a slaughter/process facility, you will need to fill out a blank Slaughter Card for that animal with the correct identifying information (Exhibitor name, Tag #, Buyer Name/ID, and Destination). Blank Slaughter Cards will be brought to you during the sale if you hold up your GREEN bidder card.


  1. Any sales tax owed on livestock is to be paid to the Fair Association. Sales tax is owed on any livestock that is slaughtered for home use (custom kill). If applicable, a tax exempt form must be completed on the livestock if there is not a copy on file. This form must be completed the night of the sale.


  1. Purchase by Proxy - The Rockingham County 4-H & FFA Livestock Show and Sale Committee has a Buyers’ Committee. This committee was established to assist 4-H & FFA members in soliciting new support for the livestock sale. This committee does not take the place of individual 4-H & FFA members marketing their animals through personal contacts. We encourage each buyer to personally attend the sale. However, if you are unable or choose not to attend the sale, but would still like to support the program, please contact the buyers’ committee. You can select a certain species or just have your donation be spread across the sale as needed. One goal of this committee is to see that the prices remain stable for all members throughout the entire sale.

Slaughter & Processing:
Due to COVID-19 there has been a high demand for local processed meat, and many of our local processors are booked full. You may have to consider Flooring more animals than normal or taking the animals home with you and feeding them out to finish for slaughter at a later time.

Due to this high demand of local processed market animals this year, you MUST make an appointment with a Slaughter/Processing facility or have your own arrangements made BEFORE THE FAIR/SALE. If you need assistance in finding a Slaughter/Processing facility, please call the Rockingham Extension Office at 540-564-3080 and ask for Sam Leech or Rosemary Life.

Slaughter Cards:
We typically give each buyer a “Slaughter Card” for every animal purchased. The buyer would then select where they wanted the animal to go (FLOOR, HOME, SLAUGHTER). NEW THIS YEAR, ALL ANIMALS ARE ASSUMED GOING TO THE FLOOR…. UNLESS YOU FILL OUT A SLAUGHTER CARD. The slaughter card will have an area for you to fill in your slaughter/processor/home info. You must have already made an appointment with a facility/home before listing them on the card. When you check out, we will cross reference a list from the slaughter/processors to ensure that you have already made an appointment with them. If you are not on their list, you will have to take the animal home yourself, sell back to the floor, or make different arrangements. You are responsible for making transportation/hauling arrangements to home or to the slaughter/processor facility of your choice.

*We have provided a SAMPLE slaughter card so that you will know what information must be filled out on them during the sale.
Seating: To follow COVID-19 CDC recommendations, seating during the sale will be spaced out and no bleachers will be in place.
Representatives: We know many of you enjoy attending the sale each year, but to help with social distancing, please keep the number of business/buyer representatives attending the sale as minimal as possible.
Ribbons: Youth will not be delivering ribbons to your seat as usual, you will receive your buyer ribbon when you check-out at the barn office.
Check-Out: During check out, cones will be placed 6 ft apart as markers for buyers to follow social distancing. We hope to have a new check out window this year, so you will not be coming inside of the barn office to settle your bill at the end of the night. We will be cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas periodically throughout the sale.
Credit Card Payment: If you wish to pay by credit card the night of the sale, you will have to go to the Fair Office located next to the Exhibit Hall to check-out with Tina Morris.
Tele-Auction/Buyers Committee: We understand if you feel uncomfortable attending the sale in person. If you would like to still support our sale from home, please reach out to the Buyers Committee (Donnie Liskey, 540-434-0495). We are also looking into an online tele-auction component to be utilized by those that do not wish to come in person but still want to follow the live sale and bid.
Buyers Dinner: Due to unforeseen circumstances in the future, the Buyers Appreciation Dinner date has not been set. We will be sure to inform all buyers of our plan as soon as we can.
For the most recent and up to date information, please visit our new website and click the BUYERS tab:

If you have any questions about any of the above updates, please reach out to the Rockingham County Extension Office at 540-564-3080 and ask for Sam Leech (spleech@vt.edu) or Rosemary Life (Rose4vt@vt.edu).